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*Hip Hop to the max aimst hosteller night 2011*
Wednesday, June 1, 2011
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Well,i had enter aimst univeristy in Kedah, sungai petani for 5 month,
but i havent write anything bout my life in aimst before,haha...
okay okay,i start it with the hosteller night first ya...
this event was held in canteen, but that night, the canteen was totally changed,
lights are everywhere and a perfect sound system too...
I am one of the performers on that night,haha....
as usual, i went out to make up and dress up myself nicely...^^( i enjoyed the process always)
many students came that night, until the canteen was crowded with people,
and the sad thing was, when i finish my performance, there's no food left for me !
its okay, i went out with my friend for dinner at last...
anyway, we really have fun even just a simple rehersal before the performance...
I feel proud too, becoz i think there's no one perform harmonica before in aimst,
i still rmber , after my performance, there's one VIP came to me, and shake hand with me,
he said " ur performance was so nice and it was so great "
haha...suddenly felt so happy at that moment,
there's also some other students that i dont know, came to me and said i did a great performance too..^^
i'm now showing off myself, is juz i feel proud i've made a good performance on that day..
The best thing i gained from this event was, i had made many many new friends, especially with the student from other faculty,
most of them are from MBBS, so ...
yalah, its great to know them,
someone them are so good in singing, and also good in playing guitar, until i get shock !
there are so many talented people around me...haha...
It's time to improve myself, and become someone like them...
good in studies and everything...^^
Here's some photo that i wanna share with u guys, my friend, my senior and my new friends :

It's cherry, me lah !!!

It's me again, on stage , playing a romantic titanic theme song on that night <3

My lovely roomate * fanny * and me...


I think the sun glasses already covered half of my face >.<

My new friend, and we are so *ngam key *..Means we mix with each other very well..*shi hui tan*

Lovely ladies singing * getaran jiwa * accompanied by beat box guy..
Nana, shi hui and fanny the fantastic and fabulous one !

My dear housmates in room B2H,shanti and soo jin..

classmates * narmataa*

Niva and me

Vicky and tini

Tini, dinesh and * i dono who is this *..haha

Pretty girl in the middle, she's rashwin my new friend...a lovely punjabi girl...

He's Gordan, good singer and also a good guitar player, also a new friend !^^

My new friend *choo wei *

Michelle low and me, haha..again is my new friend,she the MC on that day..^^

Another MC,named kirath, * new friend *

On that night, everyone dance gila gila on the stage, except me becoz i am not that type that dance,i juz quietly walk out and eat with my friend..haha...

Biotech girls, shantini, tifanny, niva and me...

It's me in mamak shop, still rmber i ate tomyam maggee that night, it was awesome after having a tired performance !^^
Calendar 2011 by Cherry
Saturday, December 11, 2010
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I hope this is the best and special present for baobei :

*Front page of Calendar*













Memorable in " harmonica" life
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
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Miss my harmonica band so sudden...
Miss the time while being a conductor...
and having fun when outstation for competition or performance...
Ofcoz..i miss the stage too...
Everything had gone now...
Just left 5 years of great memory in my heart....

Memories of harmonica band :

The last moment on stage

2008 Heng Ee concert *harmonica ensemble*
My first time conducting on the stage >.<

2008 Heng Ee concert *harmonica ensemble*

2008 Heng Ee concert *harmonica accompanied by dance*

2008 Heng Ee concert *harmonica accompanied by dance*

2008 Heng Ee school annual concert*harmonica trio*

2009 Big family of Harmonica Band <3

2009 Heng Ee School Annual Concert

2008 champion in harmonica ensemble(genting)

2009 harmonica competition ensemble(komtar audithorium)

2009 harmonica competition*champion in harmonica ensemble*

Harmonica * cake*...^_^